The Only Tip You Need To Write Efficient Email

When emailing, it’s tempting to over emphasise politeness, especially when you are interacting with someone for the first time. There’s one pertinent fact to keep in mind: Write to NOT be impolite, instead of padding everything to sound excessively polite. The cartoon below, from everyvowel.com, illustrates how you can be brief, professional and not impolite at the same. The

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London International Summer School Mobile App

It’s been a busy few months and I’m super excited to announce the publication of my second app on the Google Play store. Project Title: UCL International Summer School for Undergraduates Client: University College London Developers: Kimeshan Naidoo (Lead), Niccolò Terreri and Nick Read. Description: Commissioned by UCL for the launch of their International Summer School –

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Patiently: A Java Patient Management System

Patiently Patiently is a Java Patient Management System (CRUD) desktop application that I developed for a client (University College London). Here’s a video that demos the software and its features.   Client Requirements Minimum requirements (Must have) 1. The management system should be implemented as a java GUI application using frames, tables, buttons, listeners, etc. 2.

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Three meals a day. We all need it. We all have to eat. What if you never have to think about cooking or food again? What if you could just push a button and magically have access to delicious, local food that’s walking distance away from you? What if you could turn eating into an

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