London International Summer School Mobile App

It’s been a busy few months and I’m super excited to announce the publication of my second app on the Google Play store. Project Title: UCL International Summer School for Undergraduates Client: University College London Developers: Kimeshan Naidoo (Lead), Niccolò Terreri and Nick Read. Description: Commissioned by UCL for the launch of their International Summer School –

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Patiently: A Java Patient Management System

Patiently Patiently is a Java Patient Management System (CRUD) desktop application that I developed for a client (University College London). Here’s a video that demos the software and its features.   Client Requirements Minimum requirements (Must have) 1. The management system should be implemented as a java GUI application using frames, tables, buttons, listeners, etc. 2.

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Three meals a day. We all need it. We all have to eat. What if you never have to think about cooking or food again? What if you could just push a button and magically have access to delicious, local food that’s walking distance away from you? What if you could turn eating into an

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The Regret Minimization Framework

I recently found this great video clip of Jeff Bezos explaining his “”Regret Minimization Framework”, it’s short and simple but an extremely powerful too for making decisions. I thought it was worth sharing as a post itself. Come back here and watch it before every moment you have to make a big life decision! If

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